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27 December

Two years upon graduation in 1796 at the Santa Ana School of Fine Art in Argentina, Virginia had became a professor there. It is was she received her formal education too during the years 1972 - 1975. Then in 1990 she started her own academy and from 1997 - 1999 she taught painting at the Recolet Cultural Center in Buenos Aires. The paintings of Virginia Bellati is known to possess the style of Näive Art, where subject matters are of the day to day life and the perspective of the world comes to play on the canvas.

Näive Art

Naïve art is characterized by a refreshing innocence and the charming use of bright colors. It is distinguished by its child-like perspective and eccentric scale. It portrays simple, easily perceived and often idealized scenes of everyday life. Naïve artists, like Bellati herself, who, are often self-taught, takes us on a bubbly journey to a uniquely literal, yet extremely personal and coherent, vision of their perception of the world and of everyday life.