Mersad Berber
Allergory XXX, 2004
Lithography/Silkscreen, 68 x 30 cm

Mersad Berber (1940- 2012)

Mersad Berber trained at the academy of fine arts in Ljubljana in the Republic of Slovenia where he graduated with a BA and MA.

Throughout his career he has created cycles of paintings, which chronicle events, homage and dedications. each cycle has its roots either in Croatian and Bosnian-Herzegovinian history from medieval to the twentieth century or in much wider context, the great masters of European painting for example, Durer, Rubens, Rembrandt, Van Der Weyden, Uccello, Vermeer and Velasquez.

The interaction and blending of styles, temperaments, schools, and traditions is the cultural and artistic focus and emotive multiculturalism.

The paintings are not narratives in any traditional sense. instead they offer dream like conjunctions of imagery. sometimes one image can melts with another. sometimes they are deliberately kept separate, even though they occupy the same picture-space.

Berber is acknowledged by historian, academicians and critics, as one of the great masters of twentieth century  painting and his painting are represented in important collections throughout the world.