Ivan Korzhev
Amazonomachy, 2014
Sculpture - Bronze, 0 x 0 cm

Ivan Korzhev was born in Moscow on November 24, 1973 in a family of well-known Russian artists and architects. In 1996 he graduated from Moscow State Academic Art Institute (sculpture faculty). He is an Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation and has been a member of Moscow Artists Union since 1996. He works in the genre of realistic portraits, monumental, easel, desk, memorial and park sculpture, painting, drawing, contemporary architecture. 

Korzhev has created over 100 sculptures, including a series of monumental images of great persons: Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Siddhartha Gautama, Ida Rubinstein, Marcus Aurelius, Boethius, etc. His sculptures of ancient muses Erato and Terpsichore decorate the central facade of the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.

The project "Myth": Mythological representations of the world are strikingly similar in all parts of the globe. Myths lead us to the history of our own soul, to the evolution of humanity, and at the same time myths are one of the ways to understand the world. In this project, Ivan Korzhev has created a mythical world in which there is mutual enrichment of environment and sculpture, and as a result the sculpture and the surrounding space are filled with a different meaning. During the project, the sculptor came to the conclusion that in spite of the evolution, a man hasn't managed to get away from the mythological world, he is a part of a myth.