Bernd Luz
Che, 2015
Media Mixed Collage, 60 x 90 cm

Graduated Communication designer from Nuehausen ob Eck, Germany, Bernd Luz Produces media mixed collages. The work of the German artist skillfully infuse our consciousness, alluring us to relax and relish them. The artist prefers to depend on and create with the viewing habits of his contemporaries. He does not aim to reveal or expose any subliminal reality in his work, but rather strives to lift the barrier between everyday life and art. Bernd Luz allows art into his life, and breathes life into his art - perfectly in line with the spirit of pop art.

As an accomplished designer, the artist has also designed over 170 registered logos and trademarks in the United State of America. The artist's art on automobiles are celebrated by car dealers as well as automobile museums in Europe.