Alexander Rodin
Alexander Rodin was born on 15 May 1947 in Baranovichi a city in the Brest Region of western Belarus. He moved to Minsk in 1950. From 1960 until 1965 he studied at the 'School of Arts nr. 1' in the same city; in 1966 he started a study at the Belarusian State Academy Of Arts which he finished in 1971. His first exhibition was in 1971 at the Exhibition of Young Artists at the Belarusian National Art Museum Since 1971, he has held over 35 exhibitions, in Belarus, Russia the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. He currently lives and works in Berlin, because (as he describes it himself in an interview with website 'Berlin is a place interested in art.
I am an artist and exhibitions are my life. And when I suggest a concept of an exhibition or an event and see that it fascinates Germans – why not to organize it there? Why not to hold an exhibition in Berlin when it acknowledges my creativity?

Alexander Rodin’s paintings are quite unexpected for Belarusian art with its ideological taboos and conventional norms. Art critic Larysa Mikhnevich describes him as 'the representative of neo-avart-garde and of the "good old" painting: anectdotic and figurative'. His works are often large in size up to over 6 meters in length and 2 metres in height, albeit spread out over several canvases, and represent surreal scenes in Rodin's mental universe. Rodin's paintings can always be interpreted in several ways.
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